Lighting is considered as the most critical security and safety function of a parking facility. It prevents vandalism and crime, thereby creating a good sense of safety. As garages and parking lots use different methods of security safety, like installing road and pedestrian lights, anything that could direct a person navigate through the area is important.

In general, tenants have similar security needs as the retail shoppers. Nonetheless, shopping center owners will want illuminance that’s higher than indicated. So, use the minimum to measure uniformity. In certain cases, you should consider alternative designs that use high wattage lamps in bigger spaces. You may want to change the height of the mount to reduce the usage of energy and capital costs.

Vertical Illumination in Parking Lots

Vertical lighting is necessary for visible curbs, fire hydrants, and poles in parking lots. Therefore, a vertical lighting is suggested to install it at a low point between the lights. It must be 1/2 the minimal horizontal value.

The light poles and the post height must be matched with the landscape’s design and existing trees as landscaping. Trees are typically placed in the boundary strips, row end spaces, islands and angled strips.

Have the light transmitted over the light sources in open parking areas rather than towards the ground. This is called the spill light and it wastes energy as it brings light where it is not needed or wanted. Parking lots shouldn’t shine on nearby homes. Initial designs should therefore include some parking lot edge shielding.

Lamp selection should be dependent on efficiency, color and light source maintenance. Moreover, weather conditions, like very low winter temperatures, may require starters for fluorescent source gas-discharge lamps or jacket lamps. Parking lights are chosen based on their photometric distribution to the different parts and surfaces of the property.

Architectural signages must be combined with the architectural design. Reflectors and refractor lenses typically achieve efficient, uniform distribution of lights. Pole-mounted lights can provide 2 1/2 times the distance to the pole height.

The Features of Parking Lots

Parking spaces are provided in shopping malls, schools, and busy areas. Low ceilings, shallow viewing angles, and wide fixture spaces have to be considered when installing signage. The right positioning is necessary to avoid difficulty in maintaining adequate reflection on the different surfaces that require adequate maintained and initial lighting.

In a covered parking lot, the maximum to minimal light uniformity is the highest concern when people negotiate driving lanes toward and away from their vehicles, as well as stairwells, exits, and elevators. Luminaire spacing should not produce dark areas.

The low ceiling of some standard parking garage allows precise lighting distribution with minimal glaring in the viewing area. The luminous profile must be clear and shallow enough to remove shadows to make the ceiling look higher and create some space. This may be done with reflectors. Considering the lap that was used for the parking lot, you must design and signage that will complement it. For help with San Antonio parking lot lighting and signage installation, be sure to consult with the experts.