Did you find your ideal apartment? Are you ready to sign the lease? If so, there is one thing you have to consider first – the utilities.  

When you’re planning to rent an apartment, you have to think about both the cost of the rent itself and the utilities. Oftentimes, your rent covers the utilities. However, that isn’t always the case.  

Therefore, what should you expect to pay every month? Today, we’re going to talk about things to consider about apartment utilities.  

Once you understand the basics of utilities, you’re now ready to rent a studio apartment Toronto property.  

What Are Apartment Utilities? 

For those who don’t know, apartment utilities are vital elements that every person requires. This includes electricity and water.  

While everyone needs them, nobody wants to pay for them. Unfortunately, that is simply a fact of living in an apartment. If you want a livable and fully-functioning apartment, you need utilities.  

The basic apartment utilities usually include water, recycling and trash, sewage, natural gas, internet, and electricity.  

Since these things are crucial, you need to know how to set them up and how much you’ll have to set aside every month to pay for them. 

How Much Does Utilities Cost? 

Keep in mind that the cost of your utilities greatly depends on a couple of factors. These factors include the size of your apartment, utility provider, location, usage, and time of year. 

However, there are a couple of estimates out there for how much every utility will cost each month. Renters generally should set aside around $250 per month for utilities. Here is the average cost of each utility every month: 

  • Recycling and trash: $20 
  • Natural gas: $65 
  • Internet: $65 
  • Water: $75 
  • Electricity: $120 

Still, you should ask the local utility provider or your neighbors how much they pay every month for utilities. This will help you get a more precise estimate of the cost of your apartment utilities.  

Should Your Landlord Cover Your Apartment Utilities? 

Your rent might cover a couple of utilities. This depends on the terms of your lease and the apartment complex. In general, you will be responsible for the internet, natural gas, electricity, and water. 

A couple of landlords might cover the cost of recycling, trash, and sewage. Before you sign the lease, it is a wise move to ask the landlord what utilities they’ll cover.  

Saving Money on Apartment Utilities 

There are a couple of things you can do to save money on utilities. One of the best tips you can follow is to replace your items with energy-efficient ones.  

Your apartment might not have a solar panel. However, you can make minor changes to make it more energy-efficient. For instance, change the lightbulbs and thermostats to smart devices. This will help you save money on your utility bill. 

Another thing you can do is to use fans instead of air-conditioning. Rather than cranking up your AC, use fans instead. If you use your AC 24 hours a day, it can add up quickly. You can also save money if the apartment is insulated properly